Wine Gifting Etiquette

When you are bringing a bottle of wine as a gift, you should keep certain things in mind.

If your host and or hostess is serving food, they may have already picked out the wine they wish to serve based on their own personal tastes and criteria. Depending on what it is they have already selected, chilling or decanting may have already been in the process to be ready for the appropriate time.

The wine is as you stipulated a gift and being a gift it is up to the receiver to have the option to save the gifted wine for a later opening of their choosing or to serve it. Proper etiquette would dictate that you should not necessarily expect that the bottle should be opened for your pleasure and you should not suggest that the bottle should be opened. If you are asked, you might respond with something along the line of “the wine was brought for you to enjoy, however and whenever you wish”.

If you asked your host/hostess beforehand about what you could bring for the occasion and they suggested a bottle of wine, you should then inquire as to what is being served so you may pair it appropriately. Under those circumstances, it is reasonably certain that you will see your wine served since it is both a gift as well as a contribution to the food being served.

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Riesling and Pinot Noir Wines Pair with Almost Everything

Which wines have the most perfectly desired balance of acidity and the complexity and freshness of taste to stand up to and compliment almost any food or cuisine?

The honors belong to two favorites of the wine world, Riesling and Pinot Noir.

Riesling is a white grape variety whose vine history traces back to the year 1435. However, there are reportedly other “first plantings”, Wachau Austria in 1232, Rheinhessen and the Alsace region with dates 1402 and 1348 respectively, to name a few.

The brilliant—if occasionally difficult—red grape of Burgundy was named after the noble Pinot family dating back to the Roman era. The history of Pinot Noir shows that Pinot Noir grapes were cultivated in the Burgundy region of France when the Romans invaded Gaul in the first century A.D.

These two wonderful wines derive their characteristics from the climate and soils in which they thrive in. The limestone soils that supply just the required amount of water and the cooler climates along with the drying breezes of the steep hillsides give these wines their sought after complexity and taste.

Riesling wines range from crisp, dry, and citrus to honeysuckle and apricot. Riesling carries more complexity than a Sauvignon Blanc and better acidity than Chardonnay, and can age very well when selected from a good vintage and region. For the driest styles you might want to select a Kabinett Riesling, or for a slightly sweeter choice a Spatlese (SPAYT-lay-sah) or a sweet Auslese (OWS-lay-sah).

The Pinot Noir comes in a wide variety of styles. What you can expect is vivid red spicy berry and cherry scents, with nervy blood orange and pomegranate qualities adding energy. This wine is vivacious and sharply focused; with bright mineral lift to the red currant and bitter cherry flavors that gain depth and sweetness. Pinot Noir offers elegant, delicate and stylish wines of deep complexity dominated by dark fruit flavors and aromas. Our California and Oregon regions supply some of the absolute best offerings.

These two wine choices are naturally very food friendly and pair well with almost everything for your next elegant dinner party or campfire gathering.

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High quality, limited production monthly wine club

We urge you to treat yourself to a unique and exciting wine of the month club that is guaranteed to please, so it makes the perfect gift as well.

YourLoveofWine proudly offers Cellars Wine Club for your enjoyment and pleasure. Since 1995, it has made available high quality, limited production wines to its members, and has been featured on NBC.

Now with 13 different wine clubs and hundreds of individual wines, the Club has become a leader among all of the wine sites on the internet. Customer feedback ensures the wines featured are exactly what consumers are looking for.

The Wine Club Membership Benefits are many and of the best in wine clubs available.

  • Convenient monthly delivery to your home or office.
  • Subscription to Cellar’s Notes. Here you will find information on the featured wineries for the month, their wines, tasting notes, food pairings, recipes, and other wine related articles.
  • Gift memberships include a custom gift announcement notifying recipients of their membership plus any personal message you would like to add.
  • There are no monthly minimums and memberships to any one of our clubs can be cancelled at any time.
  • 20% discount on case reorders of featured wines from the Club.
  • Exclusive offers and promotions on all wines and products featured.
  • Exceptional customer service via phone or email.

Cellars Wine Club Membership offers you many personal Options to choose from such as:

  • Gift or Personal Memberships
  • Starting Dates
  • Payment Methods
  • and Wine Color Preference

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Red Wine Blends – A Primer

Blending usually adds complexity and depth. But, it should be clear on the label that the wine is a blend, and thus a varietal should contain 100% of that variety.

Some of the greatest wines in the world are blends, in particular the red wines of Bordeaux which can contain Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Petite Verdot. At one time, Cabernet Sauvignon was considered the best of these and many New World winemakers thought that if the Bordeaux wines were wonderful with 60% Cabernet, then a 100% Cabernet would be even better.

The benefits of blending have not been lost on New World winemakers. The Meritage organization trademarked the name Meritage for US winemakers to use on wines blended from the classic Bordeaux varieties. The name implies Merit and Heritage. The self-styled “Rhone Rangers” are Californian winemakers growing, making and blending wines from the classic Rhone varieties of Syrah, Mourvedre, Viognier, and Moussanne. And, they’re copying the Rhone habit of blending a little white Viognier in the red Syrah.

Of course, we will see to it that your selection is delivered right to your door. When you peruse our Red Wine Blends, click on the individual wines to read helpful descriptions that will assist you in making your Red Wine Blends selections. Enjoy!

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Red Wine Can Slow Aging, Study Finds

According to a study on mice released on 6-4-08, scientists report that the chemical resveratrol, commonly found in red wine, can help to keep heart tissues young, delay aging and accomplish this at lower concentration levels than previously expected. Researchers believe a glass of red wine a day might provide all the resveratrol the heart needs.

Previous studies have reported the amount of resveratrol required to have beneficial effects was equal to what would be found in hundreds of bottles of red wine. Some scientists question the findings maintaining that only high dose supplements of resveratrol potentially provide better results.

A University of Wisconsin-Madison study concluded that low doses of resveratrol added to diets of middle-aged mice helped keep hearts healthy by influencing the genetic levers responsible for aging.

University of Wisconsin-Madison genetics professor and study co-author Tomas Prolla states: “If someone is interested in obtaining the necessary levels of resveratrol through their diets alone, which includes a glass of red wine or two every day, then our conclusions strongly support that this amount of red wine will help prevent the heart from premature aging”.

The study starts with the assumption that resveratrol may work in ways similar to caloric restriction. CR retards many aspects of the aging process in mammals, including age-related mortality, tumor genesis and physiological decline, the study reads.

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Napa Valley Merlot pairs with Macaroni and Cheese

Merlot and homemade macaroni and cheese are a wonderful pairing. This delicious comfort meal can be a simple layering of cooked macaroni, shredded or sliced cheese, and salt and pepper. Don’t hesitate to add your own special touch! It can be made with a white sauce-cheese base, topped with more cheese and buttered crumbs before baking. Jazz it up by adding chopped vegetables, meat, fish or poultry, or your favorite herbs or spices. Macaroni and cheese is a comfort meal that delivers exciting flavors when you pair it with the silky texture of the lush fruit of Napa Valley Merlot.

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2007 Charles Krug Merlot Napa Valley This wine is aged for 17 months in small French oak barrels and expresses wild berry and blueberry aromas, with a touch of roasted pecans. An artful blend of Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Petit Verdot give the wine a chewy texture and an intense yet lengthy finish. Enjoy with dishes such as beef ribs and grilled salmon.

2006 Rombauer Merlot Napa Valley Deliciously rich and concentrated. It has layers of black cherry, plum, clove, and cinnamon in both the aroma and flavor. The wine has a long finish of cherry and plum with a light vanilla note from oak aging. Supple tannins add to the wine’s character.

2006 Stag’s Leap Merlot Napa Valley This wine’s richness and depth of flavor is announced in a bouquet of cherries and blackberry pie interwoven with violets and allspice. In the mouth the layers of flavor unfold both vertically and horizontally, with overtones of toffee and spice playing off the main notes of cherries and cassis as fine tannins carry the flavor array through the velvety finish.

2008 Duckhorn Vineyards Merlot Napa Valley To make a Merlot that could compete with the great Merlot-based wines of the right bank of Bordeaux, we began by sourcing fruit grown primarily in alluvial soils, those with high water drainage and little topsoil. This type of soil produces intense fruit that translates into aromatic and complex wines. Our Napa Valley Merlot is a blend of several individual vineyard lots. Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, and occasionally Petit Verdot make up the final blend.

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Exceptional Pinot Noir – 2006 Ken Wright Pinot Noir Canary Hill

Oregon wineries are generally small and decentralized within each official wine region of the state. Pinot noir can be rather finicky, achieving success in only a handful of places in the world. Oregon has superb growing conditions. The northwest portion of Oregon is celebrated for its cool-climate grape varieties, including Pinot Gris, Riesling, Chardonnay, and especially Pinot noir, which brings us to tell you about a terrific wine – the 2006 Ken Wright Pinot Noir Canary Hill. Located in rural Carlton, Oregon, Ken Wright Cellars is devoted to showcasing the inherent quality of the region’s Pinot Noir. Rather than stamping wine with a varietal trademark, the 2006 Ken Wright Pinot Noir Canary Hill best expresses the character, aroma, flavor and texture of the location in which it is grown. What you can expect is vivid red spicy berry and cherry scents, with nervy blood orange and pomegranate qualities adding energy. This wine is vivacious and sharply focused, with bright mineral lift to the red currant and bitter cherry flavors that gains depth and sweetness on the long, juicy finish. If you are a fan of Pinot Noir, 2006 Ken Wright Pinot Noir Canary Hill is something you will very much enjoy.

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